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Un trib filmat in Amazon

To the surprise of the explorers who made the video, the Indians suddenly appear in the middle of the woods. They carry bows and arrows and go naked as their ancestors did. The group comprises nine Indians is part of an isolated tribe living in the forest and flee from any contact with the white man. They were spotted at the time walking from one village to another. The men are warriors.Women take what they collected in the forest and the children. An Indian woman appears with two children. Freezing the image you can see the head and lower arm. The other hangs back. Note that it is the presence of Funai employee and gives the alarm. This was the moment of greatest tension in contact. One of the warriors back to see what had happened. It's hidden behind the foliage and observe the intruders. When he is sure that there is no danger to the whole group disappears in the forest.

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